The thaw in the poles

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The thaw in the poles

The poles are at the end of the Earth.

In the north is the North Pole and in the south is the South Pole.

Few people live on the poles. At the South Pole live only some scientists who will investigate.

There is a lot of ice on the poles, and animals live.

Polar bears, walruses, seals, and whales live in the North Pole.

Penguins live at the South Pole.

What’s going on at the poles?

The ice is melting at the poles. This happens because the planet is warming.

The temperature of the Earth is getting higher and higher because of a lot of pollution.

Pollution produces gases that raise the temperature and get hotter and hotter.

What consequences will there be on the planet from the melting of the poles?

The sea will rise from five to seven meters and flood cities on the coast, such as Cadiz, in Spain or Cancun, in Mexico.

The sea currents will change, harming the animals that live in the sea.

Polar animals such as bears, seals, and penguins will disappear.

The water that melts the poles will change the planet.

Earth will be different.


English translation: Rubén Marrufo García León


El deshielo en los polos
El deshielo en los polos