We must analyze the evolution of the impact climate change has had in our water bodies in order to preserve them through actions like: the conservation of species, recovery of aquatic ecosystems, the welfare of the population, etc.

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Measuring is key, especially when referring about environmental issues. For water bodies only, approximately 207 methodologies that apply in 44 countries have been developed, but what are they? Take a look:

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In rivers, the alteration of the flows is usually due to the influence of climate change but you should see what is happening in the dam "La boquilla" of the Conchos River in Chihuahua, Mexico. Read on to learn more

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By Karen Figueroa, Víctor Izurieta, Christian Pérez y Esteban Tenecota

Translated by: Lucía Karolina Reyes Romero


In hydrological terms, is not admissible to say that the rivers are only conducts for transporting water, in form of channels or pipes. The volumes of water that they transport are very variable throughout the year and they vary depending on the climatic conditions, the morphology of the river basin and the lithology that passes through the water.

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